Rihanna: Bad Girl

Rihanna: Bad Girl, an unofficial biography by Michael Heatley, is one of the first in an exciting series of lush new books celebrating some of the most popular and influential celebrities - stars who are constantly talked about and whose every new release, life event or opinion is awaited with baited breath by legions of fans. In the Top Ten on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with millions of followers, Rihanna is adored by a huge online community. Princess RiRi has soared to the heights of stardom, every year rocking a hot new look as she works the audience with sizzling style and awesome sounds. She breaks records left, right and centre, with 20 million album sales under her belt and the youngest artist in the Billboard chart's history to achieve 10 number-one singles. If you love RiRi then you gotta get "Rihanna: Bad Girl" - the ultimate celebration of this girl's talent, beauty and wow-factor, with brilliant pics and inspirational words - a must-have for all fans.
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Welcome Back, Miss Barcelona

"What we're gonna do right here is bring it back, way back, back in time, let's go", that's how IreneB's second album starts. A powerful statement that clears up what's happening for the next forty five minutes: you´re going to enjoy a tribute that the artist always wanted to do for nineties R&B, that used to rock the charts for the entire decade.

The artist from Barcelona released her first album, Metamorphosis, in 2009, becoming then the first Spaniard to ever release an English R&B album worldwide. The release and success of the record got her a feature in Jeff Lorber's Grammy Nominated album "Now Is The Time" (2010) where she performed not only with Jeff himself, but with other legendary jazz musicians like Dave Koz, Dave Weckl or Jimmy Haslip.

This second LP, Welcome Back, is a more intimate collection of songs and sounds that remind us of singers and groups IreneB has listened to since she was a child, those who shaped her essence as a singer:  Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, TLC and Boyz II Men.

A good example of this is the first track on this record, "Ride" —collaboration with Canadian rapper/actor Rams Fax—, that sounds like a genuine Bad Boy Records production, and takes us straight to the mid-nineties chart topping style created by producer and rapper P. Diddy. Or the last one, "You" (only available as a bonustrack in the digital version of the album), produced by young Spaniard Diana Feria, that reminds us of TLC's flagship song, "Waterfalls".

In this record, we also find dancy songs like “Don't Come Back”, that emulates late eighties new jack swing in a tribute to its New York raised creator Teddy Riley; or mid-tempos “Oh Baby" or "What Is Up With You?" (produced by Canadian Trey Mills, that had already collaborated with the singer in her first LP); sensual ballads such as "First Class Flight" or "Don't Think About It"; and even touching on a more intense subject on "Sober", taking a glimpse to what a woman goes through in an abusive relationship.

Production for the rest of the album is carried out by 2007 Latin Grammy winner Frankie Biggz, also responsable for IreneB's debut album, who admits: "It was so much fun to work on this record, I had the chance to dust off some old keyboards and "toys" and play with them again."

With Metamorphosis, her first record, we witnessed IreneB's transformation; with "Welcome Back," we experience a more mature artist, that experiments with different registers and textures in her voice.

"Welcome Back" Tracklist:

1. Ride (feat. Rams Fax)

2. Don't Come Back

3. What Is Up With You?

4. V.I.P. (feat. Nate Walka)

5. Take It Slow

6. First Class Flight

7. Don't Think About It

8. Oh Baby

9. The Blame

10. Sober

11. Best Friends

12. You (Digital Bonustrack Only)

The album will be available worldwide on Tuesday, September 25th 2012. For booking or press inquiries please contact: Frankie Biggz, Manager, management@ireneb.com or 313-915-2090.

Visit: www.ireneb.com or www.facebook.com/irenebmusic

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Proposal married with this man the best of these words, so he sing it au

Each time in a in, a proposal video comes that puts others to shame-And not just because he so on the head, but because it is just so darn sweet he had said '' Yes '' all more. This is one of the video on this.

Eric LaBarre register competition of her friends and relatives to find a all the-musical (where he with song a song he was also writing) for the out said to him friend Nina Sturtz, who he met in JDate.

In fact, the video entered in a competition who were led by JDate called the '' next on the head proposal Vidéo '' And, not that, LaBarre had. The prize he won an all-expense for the Bahamas paid line of honey.

But, he was even better-LaBarre he had expérimentés enough to vidéo in the face 15-year-old girlfriend while watched video, And his reaction inestimable. He said '' Yes ''? See tissue-worthy moment below. (you will be doing know a versions more the proposal music playing during Sturtz ' reaction video if you want to just see, but we recommend watching separately-is a dropped out).

Matt still proposed to girlfriend Ginny Joiner in this movie trailer-in front of a audience of more than 100 cinéma-amateurs. The Matt élaborer proposal was even couverts on CNN have. Video, insisted in May 2011, the 19 million times to date.

Brooke And the Josh engaged on a toit, but don't before Josh put out his hand And have four stories. Proposal Constituent this death he had insisted in July 2011. More than 5.6 million people was's hand.

Not clear to say is this Disneyland '' Contes history '' proposal is véritable you only a stunt for. Regardless, nearly 4.2 million people the Earth the video since he insisted in June 2009.

That guy proposed to girlfriend, Claudette, and a entierement chorégraphié flash against among New York Madison Park square. Was apparently people like to a public chorégraphié afficher of affection-3 million people watched this video since he insisted in May 2010.

Charles proposed to girlfriend Ali on a tour to Spain in October 2009. Date, almost 2.7 million people have shared at the time happy.

This proposal didn't go to all the ordering. The awkwardness begins in 1: 20-try not to be cringe. Unfortunate video 2008 October saw 2.4 million times to date.

Surprise proposal not start, from-Nikki convince that he boyfriend Justin clothed in robes. Heureusement, the proposal was part of Tv reality Fox show '' Mobbed ''win. More than 1.5 million people the Earth this élément since he insisted in June 2011 (la show renvoie to Fox 23 November).

Restrain-to-Bay is not vedette in this video in May 2008-but he did and they said yes. More than 1.1 million people were looking at proposals.

In this video in January 2007, a reporter for the news Fox butin Boise County NFL Ian Johnson surprise proposal for my loved one. But don't have to worry, like dead man's head said yes. More than 1.1 million people the earth it was so.

Aperture. That man is rejected in a baseball game. He really feel sting in 0: 16. Since August 2009, more than 1.1 million people have shared his pain.

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Snow on the Sahara

Song; Snow on the Sahara

"Snow on the Sahara" is a song by Indonesian singer Anggun from her first international studio album Snow on the Sahara. It was also recorded in French with title "La neige au Sahara" for the French edition of the album. The song was released as Anggun's debut international single in 33 countries. It topped charts in Italy, Spain and several countries in Asia. Its French version was also the most-played single in French radios of the year 1997.

There are two versions of the music video for Snow on the Sahara. The first version was shot in Bali Indonesia and features storyline about Anggun and her lover becoming the sacrifice for some ancient ritual.

Anggun Sahara

Anggun's highest selling album

The album contains 16 songs which are taken from the French version and re-recorded in English. Lyrics were translated and re-written by songwriter Nikki Matheson. Snow on the Sahara was marketed in 33 countries around the world in 1998. In Japan and Indonesia, the album was released in late 1997 under the title Anggun as a special version.

For some reason, "Memory of Your Shores" is omitted from the US version, although it has been cited as fans' favorite. Anggun also did a cover version of David Bowie's hit, "Life on Mars", which was also released as a US promotional single.

Anggun C Sasmi

Anggun C Sasmi; Why is She famous

A musical prodigy who had a slew of hit records in her home country as a teenager, Anggun C Sasmi  has since found fame in Europe and the rest of Asia with a string of smash songs in the past five years.

Anggun C Sasmi  has a unique look that separates her from the normal crowd of female singers out there. With her sensual blend of Asian ethnicity, she is a definite honey on the rise. Her sexiness is not an overt, flaunted and obvious quality but is rather mysterious and enticing. Overall, a much better challenge than some of the transparent female singers on the scene today.

With millions of albums sold in her native country, Anggun is perhaps the most popular artist ever to emerge from the cultural melting pot known as Indonesia. A relative unknown to North American audiences, Anggun Cipta Sasmi has been a staple on the music scene for almost two decades.